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How does CoSo work?

CoSo listens to the current Stack and uses AI to serve up complementary sounds from across the Splice catalog, so you can make music using samples that belong together—from every style, key, and bpm.

What is a Stack?

A Stack contains up to eight layers, and is created by you with CoSo. Stacks can be saved, duplicated and shared.

What is a layer?

A layer contains one loop, served up by CoSo and selected by you, from the Splice catalog. Up to eight layers make up a Stack.

How do I mute, solo and delete layers?

Tap a layer to mute it; long-press to solo. To delete a layer, swipe left, or choose ‘Delete layer’ from the ‘...’ menu.

How do I change the tempo?

You can change the tempo by ±20% in CoSo. Tap the BPM display button at the top of your Stack, then adjust the tempo slider until it feels right.

How do I save a Stack?

Tap the Save button in the top-right of your Stack. Stacks are saved to your Stacks library.

How do I delete a Stack?

Navigate to the Stacks library, tap the ‘...’ on the Stack you’d like to delete, then tap Delete Stack.

How do I rename a Stack?

Navigate to the Stacks library, tap the ‘...’ on the Stack you’d like to rename, then tap Rename Stack. You can use the automatic word generator or type in your name of choice.

If I swipe past a sound, can I revert back to it?

Unfortunately not. CoSo is designed to help you find inspiration fast. If you love what you hear, save the Stack to your library—from there you can duplicate it and keep creating.

Can I revert back to the state of my Stack before I pressed the shuffle button?

No, the shuffle button acts like a slot machine—push the button and see where CoSo takes you. It’s best to save the Stacks you really love before pressing the shuffle button!

How do I share my Stack?

Once you've created your stack, you can select the square icon on the bottom right-hand corner of the app to view your share options. When selecting "Share", CoSo will generate a direct link to your Stack creation.

How can I use my Stack in my DAW?

Once you’ve made your Stack in CoSo, you can locate these samples in the Stacks tab of your Splice Desktop app. From there, you can purchase unowned sounds using credits and just drag and drop into your DAW to keep creating.

How do I find the sounds from my Stack in the Splice catalog?

The easiest way to do this is through the Stacks tab of your Splice Desktop app, which allows you to explore your Stacks and the samples used to make them. Or, to find individual sounds in Splice, tap the ‘...’ icon on the layer in CoSo, and select “view sample on Splice”. Alternatively, follow the links on your Stack’s share page

How do I match the pitch of my CoSo Stack in my DAW?
When viewing your Stacks in the Splice Desktop app, you’ll see a “Key” column containing the original key of each sample. For any of the samples that were automatically transposed in your CoSo Stack, you’ll see a +/- offset next to the sample’s key, indicating the number of semitones the sample was transposed. Once you’ve dragged the original sample into your DAW, simply transpose the sample according to the offset noted in the Desktop app, and you’ll hear the sample as it played in your CoSo Stack.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Disconnecting from wifi or cellular will cause the app to go offline. We recommend that you use CoSo on a wifi network.

What is Export to Ableton Live?

In order to export your CoSo Stack to Ableton, please click the share button in the bottom right hand corner, and then select Export to Ableton Live to download the session file and samples directly to your vice — then save or share it anywhere you'd like. Stay tuned for more export options coming soon!


Do I need a Splice account to use CoSo?

Yes, but you don’t need a paid subscription. Register for free at or in the CoSo app.

What are the limitations of the free version? / How do I get access to premium content?

Users of the free version can access tens of thousands of loops, which provide hours of inspiration. Splice subscribers get access to a more diverse range of sounds. Find out more about Splice Plans here.

How do I sign in to use CoSo?

Use your Splice account to sign in. If you don’t have one, sign up for free here. Once Subscribed, you can manage your account from

Do I own the music I make with CoSo?

As a free user, you do not own your creations; your Stacks are for promotional, non-commercial use only. If you have a paid subscription to Splice, you will be granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to use the sounds you incorporate into a Stack with CoSo in perpetuity and in accordance with the terms set forth in Terms of Use.

Where do CoSo’s sounds come from?

CoSo uses loops from the vast Splice sounds catalog. Using CoSo, you can discover the diversity of Splice sounds while making music.

Is CoSo available in languages other than English?

Currently, CoSo is only available in English.

How much does CoSo cost?

Some functionality in CoSo is free to use. Splice subscribers can access a greater selection of sounds.

How unique is my Stack?

Because CoSo leverages the massive Splice catalog and can combine samples across keys and bpm, it’s almost impossible for two people to end up with the same stack.

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