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My iZotope plugin is saying the plan is expired, what should I do?


This issue can arise if a rent-to-own plug-in is trying to launch when the Splice desktop client is closed. You must launch the Splice desktop client and log into your Splice account before attempting to use any of your rent-to-own software. Note that the Splice client presents a small menu bar icon to indicate that it’s running. The following image shows the icon you should see when Splice is running.


Another likely cause of this issue is the absence of a stable network connection. Check your machine’s wi-fi/network settings to confirm that you’re connected to an active network. The Splice desktop client can only obtain license information from your rent-to-own iZotope products via an internet connection — without adequate network signal, your rent-to-own plug-ins will not function as fully activated software.


Also, check to make sure there is no anti-virus/firewalls blocking the Splice client, this can also cause license issues.



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