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Change Your Username + Backup Your Projects


Did you sign up with a username but want to change it? We can transfer your Sounds credits.  However, we cannot transfer your Likes/Repacks/Previously purchased samples/ Studio Data/plugin rent to own progress. 

To transfer your existing samples/current projects:


1. While logged into your current user, go to Splice app preferences (gear top right) and click on your Splice Folder Location 

2. Look for a folder called "sounds" among all your projects (it might be in a different Splice folder if you have multiple accounts)

3. Copy the desired projects and the "sounds" folder to another location

4. Create a new username

5. Email support@splice.com with this format:

"Hi! I would like to request a username change. Please transfer my Credits from [user] to [user]".  Make sure you 

6. Log in with your new username

7. Click on preferences, turn on "sync from Splice folder only" and then click on "go to folder". This will open up your new Splice folder. 

8. In a new finder window, open up the backup of your other username and put it side by side with the new Splice folder

9. Copy the 'sounds' folder and any projects you want to backup (now is the chance to get rid of those unwanted projects!)

10. You will see a prompt for "new project detected" for each project copied

11. Open up splice.com/studio and double check your projects, make sure everything is there (NOTE: this will only sync your last version of that project, if you want to go to an older revision you will have to go to your old account)


After this, you will be all set!

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