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iZotope Bundle FAQ


We offer 3 subscriptions for iZotope plugins:


Neutron 2 - 25 monthly payments of $9.99

Ozone 8 - 25 monthly payments of $9.99

Neutron 2 / Ozone 8 Bundle - 25 monthly payments of $14.99 (save 25%).


All of our plugin subscriptions start with a free 3-day trial so you can try out the software and decide what tools are right for you. Cancel at anytime during the trial and you won't be charged. 


We cannot transfer progress/payments from one subscription to another.  If you start on the Ozone/Neutron bundle (for $14.99/month) and decide you only want one to continue with one of the plugins payments cannot be transferred.


 If you start an individual subscription for Neutron 2 or Ozone 8 and want to switch to the bundle we cannot transfer any progress/payments.


Again, we recommend using the free 3-day trial to decide which subscription is right for you.












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