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Uploading your projects to Splice


The Splice app can privately and securely back up every save and sample of your Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, and FL Studio projects. The best part - backup is free and unlimited, forever! First make sure you're logged into the Splice App (download here).

How Splice syncs your work:

There are two options for how the app syncs your work, which you can change in the app’s preferences page:

1. (default option) Sync projects in the Splice folder: After installing, a Splice folder and shortcut will automatically be created.


Save a project into the Splice folder and the app will automatically sync it. You can also drag and drop existing projects into your Splice Folder to sync them.


2. * Sync projects anywhere: If you save a project anywhere on your computer or external drive, Splice will ask if you want to keep it synced with the cloud. You can change the sync setting for a project in the app preferences screen.


Once a project is synced with Splice, then all of your saves be backed up to the project’s timeline on splice.com, which is private to you.

Some DAW-specific things to know:

  • Ableton Live - every project folder will be considered a new project in Splice. So, if you have one project folder with 10 .als files, saving any of those .als’s will update the same project. Save-as into a new folder to create a new project.
  • Logic Pro X and GarageBand - Splice only supports projects in the “package” format, not the “folder” format. Every .logic and GarageBand file will be considered a new project in Splice
  • FL Studio - every .flp file will be considered a new project in Splice


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