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Using your project's timeline


Each project you sync with the Splice App has its own project timeline on splice.com. Go there to load previous versions, star important edits on the timeline, manage collaborators, and more.

You can find your project timeline in your Studio on splice.com. From there, click the name of the project you’re perfecting.

Tips and tidbits

  1. Saves on a project are synced via the Splice app, and are displayed in chronological order as versions on your project timeline
  2. If you saved an important version, then click the star so it stands out on the timeline
  3. Add a description to a version to remember what you changed
  4. Attach an audio preview so you can listen to the track before loading it into your DAW
  5. Your collaborators (if you have any) can access any save. They’ll also be notified when anyone makes comments. You will, too.



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