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How do I freeze tracks with plugins (for Ableton Live, Logic, and FL Studio)?


If you want to share your session with a collaborator or the community, it's a good practice to freeze tracks that have third party plugins. That way, if someone who doesn't have your plugins opens your project, they'll still be able to work with it.

Ableton Live
On each track that has a third-party plugin, right click on the track and select "Freeze Track". If your collaborator has the plugin they can unfreeze the track, and if they don't they'll be able to work with the track as audio.



Logic Pro

Freezing tracks in Logic Pro only works if both collaborators have the plugin that’s been frozen. Instead, on each track that has a third party plugin you can bounce the track in place: File -> Bounce >> Track In Place. This will place the bounced file in the arrangement.  


FL Studio

To freeze a track in FL Studio:

  1. In the playlist/arrangement view, highlight the range of the timeline that you'd like to freeze.
  2. Open the mixer panel (F9). Make a blank audio track (Insert) into which the frozen track will be bounced to.
  3. In the mixer record-arm the source track
  4. Click Menu > Disk Recording > Render to wave(s) files. Then click the small arrow on the upper left side of the mixer menu and select disk recording; this will render the audio to a newly created insert track.

To freeze multiple tracks; arm the selected tracks in the mixer panel > disk recording > select rendering quality > Background Rendering

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