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When I splice a release, what licenses and permissions am I working under?


Because that release was made available to you via a CC BY NC SA license, you must abide by certain principles in order to access, modify, and distribute the original project and the derivative work you have created. Namely, you must always provide attribution linking back to the original artist and work, you must continue to offer your work to others under the same license you were granted, and you may not use the track for commercial purposes. Attribution is automatically provided for projects on Splice, and for details on best practices for attribution outside of Splice, click here.

You are allowed to work on a Spliced project in a private setting (a right granted to you under our Private Remix License), but as soon as you want to distribute that work to anyone outside of your private workspace, you must do so under the CC BY NC SA license. This can be done by creating a release from the project’s page.

As long as you abide the rules above, you have the freedom to distribute this work as you please, on Splice or outside of Splice, for non-commercial purposes, including personal brand building. In order to obtain the right for any commercialization opportunities, you will need to reach out to the original creator and get his or her approval.

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