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Loading Synth Presets From Splice



Installation process

  • Massive’s interface has a file browser in it.
  • If you put folders or preset files in the /Sounds directory, you can browse those folders and presets from the plugin interface itself.
  • You can also manually import presets from anywhere on your computer by selecting ‘Import preset from the plugin menu.
  • If you import a preset, it stays in its current location on your computer.






Installation process

  • A ‘User ‘ folder is provided for presets by default. Presets added to this folder are available in the plugin interface automatically.
  • You can also create additional folders in the /Presets directory. These folders (and the presets inside) show up in the plugin interface automatically, just like the ‘User’ directory.
  • You cannot create subfolders in these directories.
  • Preset path:

    [user]/Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Presets/User






Installation process

  • Whenever you’re using Sylenth, you have a bank active and one of that bank’s presets selected.
  • Though Sylenth has a recommended directory for presets, nothing happens automatically. You have to manually load a preset or bank from the plugin's menu, which launches the filepicker.
  • The file picker defaults to the recommended directory, but you can load a preset or a bank from anywhere on your computer.
  • If you load a bank file, it loads that bank and all of its presets.
  • If you load an individual preset file, Sylenth overwrites your currently selected preset in your current bank.
  • From that point forward, that preset is part of its containing bank, and the preset file is no longer required.
  • To load a preset without overwriting anything, you have to select a blank preset slot in your current bank and load a preset through the plugin menu.



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