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Code of Conduct


Splice strives to cultivate a community where music creators of all backgrounds and experience levels listen, learn, and grow together.

Communities are strongest when everyone has a voice. In order to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to participate, we ask that you follow these guidelines while on Splice.


Criticism is valuable, but keep it constructive.

Temper your constructive feedback with some positives if possible; it will keep the overall tone of your message balanced and motivating. Suggested format for critiques:

  1. Positive feedback - “I love the punchy drums during the chorus!”
  2. Constructive suggestions - “The midrange is a little muddy at the beginning”  
  3. Artist that exemplifies your suggestions - “Check out Heathered Pearls”  

 Examples of non constructive criticism:

  1. Harassment & insults - “This remix is trash”
  2. Personal attacks - “You shouldn’t upload again, you are terrible”

Be sure to check out our full blog on giving constructive criticism.


Hate speech, harassment, and spam is never acceptable.

We take harassment on our platform very seriously and will take action against offenders. Negative comments do not have to be explicit to communicate bias based on identity and we will be considering and removing comments based on their use and context. 

  1. First violation - our Community team will issue a warning
  2. Second violation - your ability to comment will be disabled
  3. Third violation - your account will be banned and all content removed   


It starts with you.

Stopping negative behavior and communication is a community effort. We need your help to create the healthy and rewarding environment. Help us by reporting conduct that violates these guidelines and remember to conduct yourself in a way consistent with these guidelines. If you have something to report, send a message to support@splice.com with a link to the behavior.

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