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Contest Voting


Splice contests are a place to share your work and connect with other producers.

To facilitate this and help start discussions around contest submissions the community is excited about Splice includes a prize for the track in each contest with the most votes from the community. Unfortunately, some users take this as an invitation to try and cheat through automated scripts or 'bots' that automatically increase the number of plays and votes on a track. 


The Community Pick prize is for tracks that can be verified to have not cheated or farmed their votes in any way. Splice monitors the submissions in every contest for suspicious activity. If any suspicious activity in a contest entry it will be disqualified from winning the Community Pick Prize as well as any other contest prize.


If you see suspicious activity on a track send a note to support@splice.com linking to the track and describing the suspicious activity. If you feel your track has been disqualified unfairly, reach out to support@splice.com with proof that you have not cheated to boost your track.




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