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General FAQ


What happens if I cancel my plan?

If you cancel your plan, you will keep access to your plugin plan until the end of your current billing cycle. For so long as Splice offers the product, you may resume your plan and continue your payments.


Is this the full version of the plugin?

Yes, your copy of the plugin will offer the complete range of features you find in those purchased directly from the manufacturer, and will be the most up-to-date version of the software.


Is there any interest or extra charge if I purchase a plugin through Rent-to-Own rather than buying it outright?

There's no interest, extra charge, or hidden fee associated with the Rent-to-Own model. You will pay roughly the same amount through Rent-to-Own as you would if you were to buy the plugin directly from the manufacturer at a non-discounted price.


How long will it take for me to own the plugin?

On the Rent-to-Own plan, it will take a certain number of months (1 payment per month) to pay off the full retail price of the software and redeem your lifetime license. However, you can opt to pay off your remaining balance at any time to own the product and instantly redeem your lifetime license. The number of months to fully own the plugin can be found on each product page.


Can I buy the plugin outright to instantly get my license?

Yes, you can pay off your remaining balance at any time.


Can I transfer progress/payment between subscriptions?

We cannot transfer progress/payments from one subscription to another. If you start on a bundle plan and decide you only want to continue with one of the products, payments cannot be transferred. Similarly, if you start an individual subscription and want to switch to a bundle, we cannot transfer any progress/payments. We recommend using the free trial to decide which subscription is right for you.


Will I get access to the newest updates through my RTO plan?

Yes, your Rent-to-Own plan will give you seamless updates to the latest versions of the plugin via the Splice desktop app. When a new update is available, you will see an “Update” button next to the plugin under the Plugins tab in the Splice desktop app.


How does Splice authorize my plugin access each month?

Each time your computer connects to the internet, the Splice desktop app will run an authorization check to confirm your plan is still active. You’ll be granted up to 3 days of offline access before another authorization check is required. Once you’ve paid off the total cost, the Splice desktop app will no longer be required and you’ll receive a lifetime license with unrestricted offline access to the plugin.


Can I install the plugin on multiple computers?

You can install your copy of the plugin on up to 2 computers.


One of my Plugin payments was declined. What do I do?

If your payment was declined, you will lose access to your plugin. Make sure to check in with PayPal or your bank to see if there are any issues with your account. You can also update your payment method here. If you're still having issues with payment, please contact us at support@splice.com for more information.



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