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How do I download my invoices/receipts?
How do I download my invoices/receipts?
Updated over a week ago

You can download your invoices/receipts directly through our website, at Next to each payment, you'll see a "download invoice" button. Invoices are available for previous payments going back to mid-2019.

Please note: we do not have the ability to edit the billing details that appear on invoices that have already been processed. The information that appears on our invoices is pulled directly from the billing details for the card/Paypal account you have on file with Splice, and includes your full name, zip code, and country (and full address, if you're using Paypal).

At this time, we are unable to add customer VAT information, business names, or any additional information to invoices.

To update your billing information for future invoices from Splice, you can edit your billing details here:

For Paypal users looking to update their Splice billing address: you will need to update the billing address on your Paypal account (at, and then re-add your Paypal as a new payment method via our billing page.

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