How do I upgrade my Rent-to-Own software?
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When you upgrade, your payment period is simply extended. Select upgrade plans feature discounted upgrade pricing, but regardless which product you’re upgrading, your monthly installment price won’t increase. For example, Ozone 8 Standard upgrading to Ozone 9 Standard would still be $9.99 a month, but the payment period would extend for an extra 15 months. On the other hand, upgrading from Neutron 3 Advanced to Neutron 4 drops to $9.99 a month, but the payment period would extend for an extra 20 months.

The total cost with the upgrade is the full price for the previous version plus a discounted price for the latest version. You won't receive a trial for the latest version as you will immediately get access to the software upon upgrading.

When you finish your original Rent-to-Own payment period, you'll receive the serial for the previous version. When you finish the payment period for both versions, you'll receive the serial for the most recent version.

You can upgrade right on the software's Rent-to-Own sign-up page on the website.

Note about rent-to-own upgrade pricing

As far as the total amount paid, upgrading through Splice rent-to-own is the same as upgrading your software directly through the manufacturer. You pay the full-price for the previous version, plus a discounted price for the newer version. The discounted price you're receiving for the upgrade is contingent on you having a full, lifetime license for the previous version.

However, in the case of rent-to-own plans, if the original plan isn't fully paid-off when you upgrade, then you don't actually fully own the qualifying base product yet (because you're still paying it off), which is why you may still be paying for the original version of the software after upgrading to the newer version.

In some cases, depending on how far along you are with paying off the previous version, it may be more cost effective to subscribe to a new, standalone plan for the new version of the plugin you want to upgrade to.

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