Rent-to-Own billing information
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You can view all your previous transactions, active and inactive subscription plans, and update your billing information via your Splice Billing Page:


If you wish to update your payment information at any point, you can do so by clicking the “Update” button next to your billing info. If you have a declined payment, your payment information will appear in a yellow box with a message to review your payment information.

You can also keep track of and manage all your active and cancelled subscriptions via your Billing page. Each plan will state the name of the subscription, the monthly cost, and whether the plan is active, cancelled, or payment is being declined. For all Rent-to-Own plans, you can track how many months you have left before fully owning in the plugin. If you wish to update the status of your subscription, all you need to do is click the “Manage Plan” button to the right of each plan.

Your transaction history, located at the bottom of your Billing page, acts as a detailed list tracking all your purchases from the Splice platform, notating the date and amount charged, the payment method that was charged, and the product which the charge was for.


With Rent-to-Own plans, you’ll receive proof of purchase once you’ve fully paid off the plugin and received your lifetime license. Monthly transactions for Rent-to-Own plans are recorded via your transaction history.

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