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How does billing and renewal work?
How does billing and renewal work?
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When you sign up for a Splice subscription, your credit card will be charged at the monthly renewal date of the subscription. You will be automatically charged that amount on a monthly basis unless you choose to upgrade or downgrade.

When you subscribe to a Splice monthly plan or Rent-to-Own plan, you are charged on the same day each month. For instance, if you subscribe on October 8th, your renewal date will be the 8th of each month.

When a payment has been declined, payment attempts will continue to be made for 28 days before stopping completely. Your payment may successfully process on a different date than your normal renewal date if the charge is initially declined.

Your renewal date does not change if your payment is processed on a different day. For example, if your renewal date is the 8th of each month, and your last payment is processed on 10th of the month, you will still be charged on the 8th of next month. This may mean that you have a shorter period of access to the software or Sounds platform. To optimize your monthly billing period, make sure that your payments are processed immediately by making any updates to your payment information if necessary.

If a monthly subscription is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a given month (ex. the 31st), we'll charge you on the last day of the month instead.

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