Astra FAQ
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Which DAW’s support Astra?

Astra should be compatible with most DAW's but have been verified to work with Ableton Live 10, FL Studio 20, and Logic Pro X.

What is Astra?

Astra is a software synthesizer and experimental sound design tool that integrates into your DAW.

Can I use Astra on my mobile device?

Astra is not currently available on mobile devices.

Is Astra a Rent-to-Own plugin?

No. Astra is included with the Creator and Creator+ plans and you only have access to Astra while the subscription for that plan is active.

What file formats is Astra available in?

Astra is VST3 and AU. Please note: The AU file format is only compatible with macOS systems

Is Astra 64 bit only or 32 bit as well?

64 bit only.

If I stop paying for Astra, what will happen to the tracks I used it in?

They will freeze, only allowing for previously loaded content to playback.

Is Astra better than Serum?

We love Serum, but we want to create something new that’s connected to our library. We are developing it and we need your feedback.

Can I use Astra in Pro Tools?

No, Astra is not available in the formats that Pro Tools uses.

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