Splice Plans FAQ
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What are Splice Plans?

Splice Plans provide you with access to our quality and ever-growing sample library and groundbreaking tools to help you on your music production journey.

We offer the following plans monthly and annually:




Includes everything in Sounds+, and:


Includes everything in Creator, and:

What can I do during my free trial?

During your trial, you can browse, like, and preview samples on the Sounds platform, and use Bridge to preview any samples in your projects. You can also download any samples that cost 0 credits. Once you start a subscription, you will unlock your plan’s credits and be able to download content that costs 1 or more credits.

In a Creator or Creator+ Plan trial, you’ll also have access to Astra and Beatmaker, as well as select lessons from Skills, our on-demand education library.

How do Sounds credits work?

As a subscriber, you’ll receive credits each month that can be used to download sample packs, individual samples (including loops and one-shots), MIDI patterns, and presets for popular plugins. Credits you don’t use will roll over to your next month unless you decide to pause or cancel your subscription. All samples are 1 credit while MIDI patterns and presets can cost up to 3 credits each.

Is my DAW supported?

Splice Sounds work with any DAW. The source files for your Sounds can be viewed with the Splice Desktop App and will download to a folder location on your computer.

Splice plugins, like Bridge, Astra, and Beatmaker, are in VST3 and AU plugin format and will only work with any DAWs that support those formats.

We test them with the following DAWs:

  • Ableton Live 10+

  • Logic Pro X 10.5+

  • Studio One 5+

  • FL Studio 20.8+

  • GarageBand 10.4+

Can I cancel anytime? What happens when I cancel?

Yes! Cancel at any time. If you cancel during your trial, you will still have access to the trial for the full 14 days. When you cancel a paid plan, you will have access until your next billing cycle but will lose access to any unused credits once the billing cycle ends. You are able to put your plan on hold for up to two months if you do not wish to lose the credits you’ve accrued.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription anytime?

Yes! You can change your plan here: splice.com/plans

When you upgrade, you will have immediate access to any additional credits and features on the newly selected plan.

If you downgrade, your new plan will take effect on the next billing cycle. Your new monthly credits will be available on your next billing cycle and will be added to your existing credit bank.

If you are on a trial, you will be charged immediately upon selecting a new plan.

I'm currently on a Sounds Plan. How do I switch over to a Splice Plan?

You can switch over to one of the new Splice Plans here. You will be charged immediately for the plan you switch to and will have immediate access to any additional credits and features on the newly selected plan.

I just want Sounds and Skills (or Sounds and Astra/Beatmaker). Is there a plan for that?

There isn’t a plan that only includes Sounds and Skills (or Sounds and Astra/Beatmaker) at this time, but we encourage you to give features you don't think you'd be interested in a try!

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