How do I download presets?
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Splice offers a wide variety of presets for popular synth plugins like Serum, Massive, Sylenth, and more. We also have a large catalog of presets for our two native plugins, Astra and Beatmaker. You can check out our preset selection here.

If a pack on Splice includes presets, you can click on the "Presets" menu (above the filters) to view and preview them on the website and desktop app:

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From there, click the + button to add a preset to your library, the same way you would purchase a sample. Presets for Serum/Astra/Sylenth/Massive/Spire all cost 3 credits each, and Beatmaker presets cost 5 credits.

Presets download directly via the Splice desktop app; you can view all of your purchased presets by going to Your Library > Sounds > Presets in the app:

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If a preset is in your library, but has not been locally downloaded to your computer, click the "sync locally" (cloud) icon to download it.

For instructions on loading presets from Splice into their corresponding plugins, please refer to:
โ€‹Loading Synth Presets from Splice

For more information on the specific folders that presets will download to on your computer, please see this article: Where Can I Find My Presets?

Note: Presets are created for specific plugins, and you'll need the plugin that a preset was made for in order to utilize it. For example, a copy of the Serum VST plugin is required to open and use Serum presets downloaded from Splice. Presets cannot be dragged directly into your DAW the same way samples can. Presets aren't audio files; rather, they are files containing a specific group of settings for a plugin that cause the plugin to output a certain sound.

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