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Splice for Students - educational discount
Splice for Students - educational discount
Updated over a week ago

College students, educators, and other Splice users who register using a qualifying email address are eligible for a discounted monthly price of $8.99 on our Sounds+ plan (normally $12.99/month). Eligible users will also receive two free Eventide plugins (Blackhole and Crystals) upon making their first monthly subscription payment.

Note: at this time, only new Splice accounts without any previous subscriptions will automatically qualify for educational pricing.

How do I sign up for a discounted student plan?

Upon creating a new Splice account using a qualifying email address (please see below for the list of eligible email domains), you’ll automatically receive a unique promo code (via email) to redeem during checkout. These promo codes are only valid on our Sounds+ (monthly) subscription, so make sure you’re subscribing to the correct plan. For more information on how to subscribe using a promo code, please see this article.

Am I eligible to receive the student discount?

At this time, we are offering Splice for Students pricing to users in the following countries, with eligibility determined by signing up using the below email domains:

- United States (.edu)

- United Kingdom (

- Australia (

- Japan (

- South Korea (

How do I get my free Eventide plugins?

Once you’ve made your first monthly payment, you’ll receive your Eventide license key/serial number via email. Once you’ve received them, you can download your plugins at Detailed instructions on how to install and activate your Eventide plugins are available at the bottom of that page.

Can I upgrade to a higher-tier plan and continue to receive the student discount?

No- if you’re receiving student pricing and you upgrade to the Creator or Creator+ plan, you’ll begin paying the normal monthly price.

I’m a professor at a university. Do I qualify for the educational discount? Can I use Splice in my curriculum?

Yes- as long as you create a Splice account using a verifiable .edu email address, you’ll receive educational pricing on our Sounds+ plan, and you are free to use Splice in your curriculum.

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