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How do I purchase additional credits?
How do I purchase additional credits?
Updated over a week ago

Splice subscribers can purchase up to 300 additional credits per billing period.

To purchase extra credits, just click the blue "Get pack" button for any sample pack that costs more credits than your current balance. *You will not actually need to purchase the pack, this is just the only way to buy additional credits.*

You'll then be presented with the option to purchase 100, 200, or 300 credits, for $4.99 per 100 credits. If you *do* want to purchase the sample pack, you'll need to hit the "Get pack" button again to actually purchase the pack.

If you need more than 300 credits, you can also get more credits by upgrading your plan. When you upgrade, we'll immediately charge you the full monthly price of the new plan, your billing period will reset, and you'll instantly receive the full amount of credits included with your new plan. You can then downgrade back to your original plan, if you don't want to continue on with the higher-tier subscription.

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