How do I activate my T-Racks 5 lifetime license?
Updated over a week ago
  1. Once you've completed the Rent-to-Own program for T-Racks 5, you can view your license here:

  2. Please make sure the Splice Desktop App is open, as well as the IK Product Manager. This will automatically authorize your license.

  3. If you run into issues, please return to T-Racks 5 in the IK Product Manager. However your mouse over "Authorize" until you see the prompt to "Re-Authorize." Click this, and it will ensure your license is verified and you can use T-Racks 5. (Please make sure you have the Splice Desktop App open and are logged in while doing this.)

    image (1).png
  4. Once verified, you can use T-Racks 5 without the Splice App open.

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