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Baby Audio is saying my plan is expired, what should I do?
Baby Audio is saying my plan is expired, what should I do?
Updated over a week ago

Please make sure that you are signed into the Splice desktop client with an account that has an active Baby Audio Rent-to-Own plan before you open up your DAW to load your software. While you are on the Rent-to-Own plan, the client needs to verify the Baby Audio plugin once every few days.

This fix may also apply to users being prompted for a serial number. Please see below for screenshots.


In order to resolve this issue, please follow these troubleshooting steps in exact order:

  1. Close out of Splice

  2. Close your DAW

  3. Relaunch Splice and log into the account with the active Rent-to-Own plan

  4. Open your DAW and launch the plug-in

If you are still having issues, please again close your DAW and reinstall the plugin directly from the Splice app.

Again, please be sure you are following all of the steps in order.

If you've fully paid off your Baby Audio Rent-to-Own subscription and are being prompted for a serial number, your serial number will be shown here:

This article is applicable for the following Baby Audio products:

  1. BA-1

  2. Comeback Kid

  3. Crystalline

  4. IHNY-2

  5. Parallel Aggressor

  6. Smooth Operator

  7. Spaced Out

  8. Super VHS

  9. TAIP

  10. Transit

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