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How do I activate my iZotope lifetime license?
Updated over a week ago

Once you pay off the license for your iZotope plug-in, you can find your serial key here. For activation instructions, please do the following:


1.) Insert your iZotope plug-in on a track with your host recording program (e.g. ProTools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase etc)

2.) When you do this you will be prompted to authorize. Click the Authorize button and on the next screen enter your serial number and account information to activate the software.

3.) Once you've completed this process, click on Authorize then press Submit.

Please be aware that this method requires an internet connection to work successfully.

If you are using a machine that is not connected to the internet, please follow the steps below to authorize using Challenge/Response.

1.) Insert the iZotope plug-in on a track in your host recording program.

2.) On the next screen enter your account information and serial number.

3.) Once this is completed, click on Offline Authorization and then select Offline Challenge/Response and click next.

4.) On the next page you will get a challenge code. Copy this code and then go to a machine with web access.Sign into your account and find the software in your product list. Then click on Challenge/Response.

5.) On the next page paste in your Challenge Code. Save the generated Response File to a thumb drive or external hard drive and bring it back over to your offline machine.

6.) On the Authorization Screen click the Choose File button and navigate to the Response File. Click Next then Submit. This will complete authorization via Challenge/Response.

Additionally, if you have an iLok you can also authorize using the steps below.

1.) Open host recording program and insert your iZotope plug-in to a track.

2.) When prompted for authorization, click "Authorize."

3.) Enter your serial number, registered email address, and name.

4.) Check the box labeled "Use iLok authorization" and enter your iLok ID into the appropriate field.

RX 10:

Once you've completed the Rent-to-Own program for RX 10 plugin, you can find your serial key here. Once you receive the serial number:

  1. Log out of Splice

  2. Open RX 10 and enter your serial number

You will not need the Splice application open to use this software after the serial number has been entered.

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