Adding Arturia plugins into Logic Pro X
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This article applies to V Collection 9, Pigments 4, FX Collection 4, Analog Lab V, and Efx Fragments.

  1. Confirm that your email address with Splice is correctly tied to an email address you can login to

  2. From the Splice Desktop App install Arturia Software Center

  3. If you're not seeing Arturia Software Center in the Tools section of the Splice app, log out and back into the Splice app

  4. Check your email for a message from Arturia to setup your Arturia account

  5. Log in to the Arturia Software Center and install the Arturia plugin

  6. Once signed into Arturia Software Center, you must “activate” the Arturia plugin. To do so click on the “Activate” button.

  • Sync button on Arturia Software Center will retrieve any updated license info from your Arturia account.

  • Restart your machine and relaunch Logic.

  • The installer will automatically select the location (MacintoshHD/Library/Audio/Plugins) for the Arturia plugin

  • You can add the Arturia plugin from Logic’s Channel Strip under Instruments

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