What is Splice Bridge?
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Splice Bridge is a plugin that allows you to preview any Splice sample directly in your DAW, matched to the tempo and key of your project. Bridge connects your DAW to the Splice desktop application so you can easily preview loops and samples from Splice in the context of the project you're working on.

When Bridge is added to your DAW, it will automatically detect the tempo of the current project. When you preview a sample in the Splice desktop app, it will play back through your DAW, and will align to the beat grid of your project.

Bridge also gives you access to pitch-shifting and time-stretching options for samples, directly in the Splice desktop app. Additionally, you can select the key of your project in the Splice app, and all of your samples that have a key will automatically get transposed to match the key of your project.

Access to Splice Bridge is included in all Splice plans. For more information on how to use Bridge, check out this article: How to use Splice Bridge

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