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What is Create? How do I use it?
What is Create? How do I use it?
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Create is a new AI-powered discovery tool that utilizes Splice's legendary sample library to generate unique loop-based ideas. With Create, you can cycle through millions of unique musical combinations, mix and match up to 8 tempo and key-matched layers, and easily export your stacks to the Splice desktop app and CoSo mobile app.

Check out this walkthrough of how to use Create to generate song ideas, and then take those ideas into your DAW:

Where can I find Create?

Create is available on the Splice website and desktop app (5.0.1 and up).

On, "Create (Beta)" is the second option under "Browse" on the left sidebar.

On the desktop app, Create (Beta) is located on the left-hand menu bar, under Browse.

How do I use Create?

Select a style, and Splice's AI will generate a unique stack of loops from sample packs related to that style. Clicking the "refresh" button next to a loop will switch that one out for a new loop of the same instrument/category (drums, keys, etc). Clicking the white refresh button at the top will generate a brand new stack, with all new loops.

Hovering your mouse over a loop will display several options: volume control, a mute button, solo button, delete button, and a "more options" button. The "more options" button is how you can download, like, or add the loop to a collection.

Using the tempo slider above your stack will automatically warp all the loops in the stack to the selected tempo.

How do I save a Stack? Where does it go after it's saved?

Click the blue "save" button and give your Stack a title to save it on your Splice account. Saved stacks will automatically be added to your library on the website, Splice desktop app, and the CoSo mobile app.

To access your saved Stacks on the website, click the "Stacks" option under "Your Library."

On the desktop app, you'll find the "Stacks" option under "Apps & Plugins" in the "Your Library" section on the lefthand menu bar.

Note: saving Stacks is only possible if you have a Splice account.

How do I export my Stack?

After saving a Stack, you'll see a blue "Export" button appear. This feature is also available for previously saved Stacks (navigate to Sounds > Your Library > Stacks and click the blue "View Samples" button on the Stack you want to export).

Splice offers a variety of export options, which all require purchase of the samples within your Stack using credits. If any samples in your Stack have not yet been purchased and added to your Library, a prompt will be shown prior to export giving you the ability to automatically purchase all necessary samples.

Note: You must be subscribed to a paid Splice plan in order to export your Stack.

What are the different export options?

Original samples: will export all of the samples in your Stack as they were originally uploaded to Splice (un-warped/un-pitched)

Stems: will export all of the samples in your Stack, warped to the key/tempo of the Stack

Ableton Live project: will export an Ableton project file (.als format) which includes the samples in your Stack, warped to the key/tempo of your Stack. Note: we currently support Ableton Live 10+

Studio One project: will export a Studio One project file (.song format) which includes the samples in your Stack, warped to the key/tempo of your Stack. Note: we currently support Studio One 6+

How do I add a new Layer to a Stack?

Just hover over an empty Layer, select the instrument you want to add, and Splice's AI will find a loop based on the other loops currently in your Stack. Each Stack can have up to 8 Layers.

How do I edit one of my saved Stacks?

On the website, under Sounds > Your Library > Stacks, click the 3 small dots on the Stack you want to edit, and click the edit button. This will take you back to the Create page where you can edit, mix, and modify that Stack.

Note: saving an edited Stack will overwrite the original one.

How do I go to the pack that one of the samples in my Stack is from?

Click the artwork for that sample to go directly to the corresponding pack page.

I don't have Ableton. How do I import a Stack into my DAW to start a song?

We recommend using the "stems" export function, which will keep the pitch and tempo of the samples in your Stack intact. Once you've exported your Stack, simply unzip the downloaded file, and then drag the stems into your DAW.

Can I revert back to the previous loop / Stack I had before I pressed the shuffle button?

Yes! Next to the New Stack button you'll find an Undo button, which will undo your most recent action.

How can I provide feedback about Create?

You can provide feedback here! Your feedback will go directly to our team, so we would love to hear your suggestions and ideas about how we can improve Create in the future!

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