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Why is Beatmaker telling me to reactivate my Splice subscription?
Why is Beatmaker telling me to reactivate my Splice subscription?
Updated over a week ago

If Beatmaker gives you any error messages or limits functionality and your payments for your Creator or Creator+ plan is up-to-date, you could be experiencing an issue with reactivating the plan subscription. These steps should resolve the issue:

  1. Close out of Splice

  2. Close your DAW

  3. Relaunch Splice and log into the account with the active Splice plan

  4. Open your DAW and launch the plug-in

Please make sure that you are signed into the Splice desktop app with an account that has a Creator or Creator+ plan active before you open up your DAW to load the plugin. While you are on a Creator or Creator+ plan, the desktop app needs to verify the plan once every few days.

If you are still having issues, please close your DAW and reinstall Beatmaker directly from the Splice app. We also recommend you reinstall the Splice app. You can get the latest install here:

Log out of your account and log back in. This will generate a new license. Then relaunch your DAW and your plugin.

These troubleshooting steps apply to the following examples error messages:


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