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Why won't the Splice desktop app install? (Windows)
Why won't the Splice desktop app install? (Windows)
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If you are attempting to install the Splice Desktop App and experiencing a download failure, please follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you are running a supported operating system. The current version of the Splice desktop app is compatible with Windows 10 and up. If you're running an OS older than Windows 10, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the app will install or run on your PC.

  2. Ensure that there are no network monitoring/anti-virus programs that might be blocking Splice from installing (Avast, CCleaner, Bit Defender, etc.) More information on this can be found here: Antivirus interference

  3. Double check that you have the most current version of Microsoft's .NET Framework installed:

  4. Try booting up your PC in Safe Mode with Networking and then try installing while in safe mode. Here are instructions for booting up in safe mode for each version of Windows:

  5. If everything is working in safe mode, the issue may have to do with your antivirus software or a firewall.

How to Get Install Logs

  1. Re-download Splice and then run the installer:

  2. After the installer fails, you should be prompted with an option to view the installation, setup, or Squirrel logs.

  3. Attach the file that you’re viewing to the email / chat window for your support ticket.

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