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Is Splice Bridge compatible with my Operating System?
Is Splice Bridge compatible with my Operating System?
Updated over a week ago

At this time, the Splice Bridge is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS 10.15 and above

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  • Microsoft Windows 10 and above

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If you are on an unsupported operating system and Bridge is causing your DAW to crash, please close your DAW and manually delete the Bridge file(s) from your computer. You can find the Bridge files below:

  • Mac

    • AU: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/SpliceBridge.component

    • VST3: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/SpliceBridge.vst3

  • Windows

    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

After deleting the files, you can reopen your DAW and delete all instances of Bridge until you're able to upgrade your operating system.

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