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Sounds search optimization
Updated over a week ago

When in a creative workflow, as producers we need quick decisions to capture moments. With this handy guide you will be able to find that sound in no time!

  • Hierarchy of Sounds: The first question you have to ask is: are you looking for a loop or oneshot? This will narrow down about half the results but you will probably need some more filters to narrow your options. Right below this switch there is a drop down menu which you should select 'relevant'. Next you can define the type of instrument, this is located on the search bar between 'key' and 'genres'. Instrument tags are where most of the narrowing happens since they can take a lot of descriptors.


Some common descriptors: leads, chords, melody, riffs, stabs, hooks, sidechained (ex. β€œ_SC_”), bitcrushed, dry, wet, tonal, buildup, analog, Orchestral, reverse, layered

  • Think of the instrument: For example, when searching drums think of each individual part of the kit. Is it a snare drum? a 808 snare perhaps? Many times a drum groove will have each parts deconstructed from the groove. For example, best_drum_groove_1.wav will sometimes have best_drum_snr_1.wav best_drum_kick_1.wav etc. Look for similarities in the name, especially the last number which is a good indicator that they go together.

By using this method, you will find yourself gaining precious minutes and continuing that momentum which will lead you to capture the energy of the song!

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