Finding sounds with your Splice plan
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Once you've started your Splice plan trial and installed the Splice app, you are ready to start downloading samples and presets. You can find sounds by either searching or browsing our categories.

Browsing by Category:

Instruments: Browse by instrument category such as Drums , Vocals, Percussion, etc...

Cinematic FX: Our specialized library with foley and sound effects for film

Genres: Browse by genre category such as Trap, Hip Hop, House, etc...

Labels: Browse by sample provider such as Capsun ProAudio, Sample Magic, etc...

Presets: Browse presets by manufacturer, currently we have presets for Serum, Massive, Sylenth and Spire. (Note: you need to have these software instruments installed to use these presets)


Searching and Filtering:

If you know specifically what you are looking for you can search at the top of the Sounds page. Notice the important filters that will help you narrow down your search:

Samples/Presets: Filter by samples only (wav files) or presets only (files specifically for software instruments such as Serum, Massive, etc...)

Sort Order: By default results are sorted by Popularity, however, you can also change this to Recent, Relevant or Random

Loops & One-Shots: Filter only loops (longer phrases) or One-Shots ( short samples played only once)

BPM: Filter between a BPM range or find loops with an exact BPM.

Key: Filter by key center (such as C, C#, D etc) and/or quality (such as Major or Minor).

Instruments: Filter by instrument type (such as Drums, Keys, Bass, etc...)

Genres: Filter by genre type (such as Trap, Hip Hop, Techno etc...)

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