Splice Sounds Licensing FAQ
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Please refer to our full Terms of Use for the most up-to-date and detailed information. Any defined terms used below have their meaning set forth in the Terms of Use.

Q: Are all sounds on Splice Sounds royalty-free?

A: Yes. You have a royalty-free license for every sound that you download from Splice Sounds. Please be aware that most distributors still require you to disclose the use of any licensed third party materials in your content, even if they are royalty-free. A certified license from Splice can be provided for this purpose.

Q: Where can I get the certified license for my samples?

A: You can get the certified license for your samples by navigating to your library on the web, clicking on the overflow menu to the right of the sample (three vertical dots) and selecting "Generate certified license". You'll then be presented with a submission box to add your name and artist name to generate the certified license.

Q: Are all sounds on Splice Sounds non-exclusive?

A: Yes. You have a non-exclusive license to each sound that you download from Splice Sounds, meaning other users can also use the same sounds as you without infringing on any New Recording or Creative Works you create using that sound and vice versa.

Q: Can I use sounds from Splice Sounds for commercial use?

A: Yes. The license for sounds you download from Splice Sounds permits use for commercial and non-commercial purposes so long as you remain in compliance with our Terms of Use.

Q: Can I use Splice Sounds in more than just music (like videos, films, or games)?

A: Yes. You can use sounds you downloaded from Splice Sounds both commercially and non-commercially in the following ways:

  • New Recordings: Combined with other sounds in new music productions

  • Creative Works: In various other projects including video games, film, television, radio, live performances, and vlogs (used either in isolation as sound effects, loops, and/or sound mixes)

Q: Can I sell a beat, instrumental, or composition I made using Splice Sounds as royalty-free music?

A: Splice does not prevent users from distributing New Recordings on other platforms as non-exclusive, royalty-free music but it is ultimately up to that platform. Libraries may have specific rules and restrictions so you should confirm with those platforms. However, you may not distribute any Splice Sounds content as royalty-free samples or loops.

Q: What are the limitations of my license to use sounds from Splice Sounds?

A: Here are a few things you can’t do with sounds you downloaded from Splice Sounds:

  • Sublicense sounds in isolation as sound effects, loops, or as source material for any other sample (even if you modify the original sample)

  • Use sounds in a way that’s competitive to Splice or its licensors, like redistributing them in new sample packs

  • Use the name, image, or likeness of the artist or creator associated with a sound in any way without that artist's express written permission (which you are solely responsible for obtaining).

Please see Section - Prohibited Uses of our Terms of Use for the full list of restrictions.

Q: Do I lose this license if I cancel my Sounds account?

A: No, the sounds you've downloaded remain covered under the license granted to you at the time of download, even if you decide to cancel or pause your Splice Sounds subscription.

Q: Does the music I made using Splice Sounds fall within the public domain, under something like Creative Commons / CC0?

A: A public-domain license such as CC0 is not appropriate if you used non-exclusive, royalty-free sounds such as audio samples from Splice Sounds. While you have full ownership of your New Recording or Creative Work made with Splice Sounds, you do not own exclusive rights to the actual samples.

Q: Do I have 100% ownership of my composition if I use sounds from Splice Sounds?

A: The use of sounds from Splice Sounds in your New Recording or Creative Work does not impact your ownership of that newly created content, however, you don’t own the exclusive rights to those samples. Other Splice Sounds users can use the same sounds without infringing on your New Recording or Creative Work and vice versa.

Q: Can I register my creative work for copyright?

A: We don’t restrict copyright registration for New Recordings or Creative Works you make using Splice Sounds, but recommend consulting your own legal counsel for further information on matters concerning copyright registration.

Q: Do I need to give Splice or the sample creator credit when registering with a PRO (publishing rights organization) like ASCAP or BMI? What/who do I put under “vocalist” or for the lyrics when registering a song containing a Splice vocal sample with a PRO?

A: You are the owner of any New Recordings you've made using sounds from Splice Sounds, however, you have a license to, not ownership of, those sounds (meaning other users can also use those sounds in their own New Recordings). While you are required to disclose that you are using third-party audio samples in your New Recording, you do not need to credit Splice or the sample creator as they are not a co-owner of your track.

Q: Are individual loops or one-shot samples purchased from Splice ineligible for monetization on other content platforms?

A: Samples downloaded from Splice Sounds are yours to use in combination with other sounds in commercial or non-commercial works without needing to pay royalties or credit Splice or the original creator of the sound. This commercial use applies to uploading your new content on platforms or services outside of Splice. However, distributors may have specific rules or restrictions for what material is eligible for monetization. For example, services may require exclusive rights to all source content (such as individual samples), which is not possible with samples from Splice Sounds. We recommend you consult with the third-party platform you are seeking to work with for more detailed information on the specific monetization requirements of that platform.

Q: If another producer uses the same sample(s) as me in their work, is my work infringing on their work?

A: All samples available on Splice Sounds are licensed to users non-exclusively, meaning multiple users can use the same sample in their own works without infringing on each other's intellectual property rights insofar as it pertains to that sample.

Q: Do I need to give the creator of the sample credit?

A: No, you do not need to provide credit to the creator of a sample you use. Additionally, you should not use the name or likeness of a creator in your track, or in promotion of your track, without their express permission.

Q: What do you mean by not being able to use the “likeness” of an artist in my work?

A: Based on our Terms of Use, you cannot use the name or likeness (which may include image, voice, or other identifiable characteristics) of creators whose sounds are distributed on Splice without the creator’s express permission. Some examples of using the name of likeness of a creator would be to include a photo of them when promoting your track, crediting them as a feature on your track, and/or including them as a contributor to the track for splitting royalties.

Q: If I use an unedited, isolated audio loop as the beginning of my composition, is that covered by the royalty-free license?

A: Because the audio sample is included in a New Recording, the sample is covered by the royalty-free license even if the sample is soloed at some point in the track.

Q: Can I use Splice content as training/modeling data for AI?

A: Use of content downloaded from Splice for the purposes of training/modeling data for AI is not permitted by our Terms of Use. Use of Sounds is limited to the creation of New Recordings and Creative Works, neither of which include AI training data.

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