How do I share a Stack?
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This article is about sharing your saved Stacks through the Splice desktop app, website, and mobile app. For more general information on how to use Create, and more info about Stacks, please see this article.

How do I share a Stack via the website / desktop app?

You can share a saved Stack via the Stack editor, on a Stack in Your Library > Stacks, or on the "View Samples" page for a specific Stack. Simply click this button to generate a unique shareable link for your Stack:

How do I share a Stack via the mobile app?

Simply open up a saved Stack in your Library, and click the

button to open the share/export menu. Then select “Share Stack link” to share your Stack via text/email/Airdrop etc.

I've just created a new Stack; why am I not seeing the share button?

You'll need to save your Stack before you can share it. Hit the blue "save" button, and then the share button will appear.

I've already saved the Stack, but I'm still not seeing the share button.

If you've made any changes to a saved Stack (tempo change, swapped out a layer, deleted a layer, etc), you'll need to re-save it before you can share it.

Do I need a subscription to share Stacks?

Nope-- all you need is a free account in order to create, save, and share Stacks on Splice. However, a subscription is required in order to export your Stacks to work on in your DAW, so we recommend checking out our Splice plans in order to make the most of Create mode.

Can I only share Stacks with other Splice users?

Nope! Anyone you share a link with will be able to listen to and tweak your Stack, regardless of whether they have a Splice account or subscription. However, only registered Splice users will be able to save shared Stacks to their library. Additionally, only active Splice subscribers will be able to export/download shared Stacks.

If I share a Stack with someone and they modify it, will the new version overwrite the original Stack in my library?

Nope-- when someone saves a shared Stack, it's essentially saving a new copy of that same Stack to their library, so any modifications they make to it will only affect the Stack in their library. Your Stack will only be affected by changes that you make to it.

What's the difference between the "share" and "export" options?

The export menu contains several different download options for continuing to work on a Stack outside of Splice-- please see this article for more information on exporting Stacks. The "share" option simply generates a shareable link to your Stack-- anyone with that link will be able to play back your Stack on the Splice website.

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