Create troubleshooting
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Below are some solutions to issues that may come up when using Create.

Why am I getting an error message when trying to export a Stack I made?

An active Splice subscription is required to export saved Stacks. If you don't have a Splice account, don't have a subscription, or you're still on a free trial for one of our plans, you'll need to subscribe/upgrade to a paid subscription in order to export your Stacks.

I saved a Stack I just made with Create, why isn't it showing up in the Splice desktop app?

On the Stacks page in the Splice app, hit the refresh button near the top and the app will add your recently-made Stacks.

Why do my Stacks sound like they're being "crushed" or "garbled" when playing back?

There are known audio issues when using Safari and switching audio devices, which is most likely the cause of this issue. We recommend updating to Safari 16.3 or newer, which will resolve this issue. If you're not able to update to at least Safari 16.3, we recommend switching to Chrome when using Create.

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