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How do I download all of my samples and presets at once?
How do I download all of my samples and presets at once?
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When you download your first sound from Splice, a local Splice folder will automatically get created containing the sample and/or preset files. However, if you get a new device or download sounds on a different device, you may need to sync your downloads.

  1. In order to download all of your samples and presets in one click, please open the Splice Desktop App:

  2. Once in the Desktop App, please click on the avatar icon in the upper righthand corner and select "Preferences."

  3. Please scroll down and select "Download All Licensed Sounds" under Sample Preferences.

  4. After clicking "Download All Licensed Sounds," you will automatically return to your Sounds library. For any samples or presets that were not already synced, you will see the icon on the righthand side go from a cloud icon to a check mark.

Please note, if you have a large library of un-synced sounds and presets, this may take some time. It is best to leave your computer alone and let your files sync.

For more information on where your samples and presets are stored, please visit Splice folder - Overview and common issues

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