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What should I do when Serum is missing folders?
What should I do when Serum is missing folders?
Updated over a week ago

You may encounter these error messages when using Serum:

Serum cannot find the Skins subfolder within Serum Presets folder


Alert - Could not find theTables subfolder.


Serum was unable to load a Noise, due to a missing file. Please try to restore the file to this location:


If you ever encounter these errors, please try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Reinstall Serum directly from the Splice app.

  • Reinstall the Splice app as well; you can get the latest install here:

  • Make sure there are no anti-virus apps blocking the installer, there are known issues with anti-virus software blocking the Serum preset files. Find out more about Antivirus interference here.

  • Install Serum to a location without any Unicode characters (any characters with special symbols like ñ, ø, î, é, 哦, etc.) in the file path.

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