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Signing up with a social account (Google/Apple/Facebook)
Signing up with a social account (Google/Apple/Facebook)
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When creating a new Splice account, you can select from one of the following options on our sign-up screen to sign up via Google, Apple, or Facebook:

Below are some answers to common issues that Splice users may experience when using Google/Apple/Facebook to log in:

Updating your Splice email address

  • Once you've created a Splice account using one of these options, you won't be able to un-link your Splice account from Google/Apple/Facebook, or change your email address, without assistance from our support team.

  • You can contact our team using the blue messenger button in the bottom-right corner of our help center if you need to change your email address.

Creating multiple accounts

  • If you already have an existing Splice account/subscription, and you select one of the "continue with Google/Apple/Facebook" options on our log-in screen, please ensure that you are using the same email address that's already linked to your Splice account.

  • If you attempt to log in via Google/Apple/Facebook with a different email address, you will create a brand new Splice account, and will not see any of your purchases/subscriptions on that new account.

  • If you log in via Google/Apple/Facebook and don't see any of your purchases/subscriptions, you have most likely created a brand new (second) Splice account. If this happens, please log out, verify the email address and username that are associated with your original Splice account, and then log in using those credentials in order to access your purchases/subscriptions.

Continue with Apple - encrypted email address

  • When signing up using an Apple ID, you'll see an option from Apple to "hide my email address." This will encrypt your Apple ID email address on our end, and the email address associated with you Splice account will look something like this:

  • If you've selected the "hide my email address" option, and you need to reach out to our support team for any reason, keep in mind that we'll only be able to locate your Splice account using the encrypted email address (or your username), and not your actual Apple ID address.

Continue with Facebook - no email address

  • The "Continue with Facebook" option will only work if there's a valid email address associated with your Facebook account.

  • If you've signed up for Facebook without using an email address, you'll need to add one to your account before you can sign up for Splice using a Facebook account.

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