How do I upgrade/downgrade my plan?
Updated over a week ago

You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription from the Plans Management page at any time. If you're still on a free trial, please navigate to this link to upgrade or downgrade:

To upgrade or downgrade your plan from the Plans page, select "Change plan":


Choose the plan you wish to either downgrade or upgrade to. Please note that you can only upgrade your plan once per day.

When you upgrade, we’ll charge you for the price of the new subscription immediately, and you’ll receive a refill of credits and access to any new software and features on the new subscription. Upgrading also resets your billing cycle to the date you upgraded.

If you downgrade your account, you won't be charged. Instead, we’ll charge you the new subscription price on your renewal date, which will not change from what it was originally. Since you have not been charged, you won't lose access to any software or features on the plan you're currently subscribed to until your plan renews at the end of the billing period.

Whether you upgrade or downgrade, your credits will roll over into your next billing period.

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