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Installing Splice


The Splice app acts as the bridge between your DAW and the cloud. In other words, you'll need to install it to get started!



  1. Download Splice for OSX
  2. Open the downloaded .dmg file
  3. Double click on the Splice icon to install
  4. Open the Splice app and log in!


  1. Download Splice for Windows
  2. Open the downloaded .exe file and Run
  3. Complete installation
  4. Open the Splice app and log in! 

Splice runs in the background, automatically backs up every save you make and keeps files synced with collaborators.




We also have a legacy app for Mac OS 10.7/10.8: Download Here

- Please note that the Legacy app only supports Sounds and Serum Rent-to-Own.  No other Rent to own products will work on the legacy app.

 Uploading Your Projects

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